Profit Now in 2020 
Flooring Business Master Class
Discover the 6 Profit Activators to Grow Your business


Date: May 21st & 22nd
Hosted at DalTile 
Location: 359 Clay Rd. Sunnyvale, TX

Meet Your 2020 Host & Guest Speakers

Jerry Levinson

Author of Profit Now, My New Book, and The 6 Profit Activators for Flooring Professionals
Owner of Carpets of Arizona
Administrator of Flooring Dealers & More - Flooring Store Owners & Managers Only
Jerry works with Flooring Dealers all over the country to help them raise their prices, increase their profits, and create processes and systems so their business operates Successfully. 
Make Money • Have Fun • Take Care of the Customer 

Industry Rockstar - Lisbeth Calandrino

You already know her as "One of the Top 10 Influencers in the Flooring Industry" 
Author of 4 books, including "Red Hot Customer Service" One of My Personal Favorites
If you've never heard her speak before you're in for a real treat. Lisbeth is always fun, engaging and has intoxicating energy you're going to love. 
The Power of Optimism & Building Success in Your Business
Building a Strong Culture - with Jerry Levinson joining in. 

Jay Flynn 

Jay is the owner and leader of the Great Creating Your Space Digital Marketing Team. 
Is very difficult to grow your Flooring Business without a digital presence. 
Jay's going to share tips and trick on how to create an effective website and how you can use Google Pay Per Click and You Tube to drive quality traffic to your website. 
Jay also created Relentless Customer Management so you can follow your customer from research to purchase to after the installation. Jay will show you how to create a maximum lifetime value out of each of your customers. 

Shannon Bilby Vogel 

Shannon is the Creating Your Space Social Media Expert
Shannon runs Social Media for over 100 Flooring Companies, generating 1000's of quality leads. 
She is going to share ways you can increase leads with a unique strategy using Facebook.
Shannon will also be there to answer your questions on the use and effectiveness of Social Media Marketing 
You know Flooring 
You Understand the Products
You Know How to Install
So Why is This Business So Difficult? 
Join Us in Sunnyvale TX at the Daltile facility where you will discover: 
Marketing - Great marketing strategies to Attract Your best customers
Sales - Great Sales Strategies to help guide your customer through the process
Hiring Top Talent - Strategies that we use to attract the best sales people
Building a Strong Successful Culture - Now that we have a great team it's our job to get the most out of our entire staff. You'll Learn How. 
Display - How to properly display your products so your customer is not confused. "Make it easy for your customer to make a buying decision" 
Raise Your Prices - I'm going to show you exactly how to command more money than you did before. In fact it won't even take you 1 week to get a return on your investment. 
Reserve Your spot now!
$997 per Seat 
RLM Users & CYS Customers Save $250 
Remember There is Only 100 Seats - Grab Yours Today
If you want an additional seat for a partner or spouse 
That will be an additional $250 and only good for 1 extra person in your company
E-mail me at
or Send Me a Private Message on Facebook
Thanks I look forward to meeting you in person. 
Jerry Levinson
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